Who do I call if I have shipment issues regarding my order?

For questions and changes in your shipment, call your dedicated sales rep, or call direct at 310-559-1700 and you will be transferred to the appropriate department for shipments.


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    Greg Homes


    Invoice #243805

    Hope you are well.
    Me.... I'm feeling a little frustrated that I still don't have my patio heater cover that should have been shipped with my patio heater that arrived on Jan 12, 2016.
    At which time I reported this to you and you promised to ship one out to us.
    Fast forward April 12, 2016,
    I found a note on my door from UPS requesting brokerage fee $58.59 before they will release my item
    I already paid $198.29 in brokerage fees so I don't think it's right to have to pay this
    1. We already paid a brokerage fee
    2. The big inconvenience of dealing with this for 3 months

    I'm shocked that you would not have taken care of this already and I'm still left waiting for this cover to arrive.
    My clients are very upset that thier heater has been exposed to the elements of our harsh Canadian winters.

    Can someone please help me.
    Thank You
    Daniel D'Avolio

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