What are support tickets?

Support tickets are created for Customer and Dealers issues that may arise. The support ticket system is the best way to get answers to your questions, and to troubleshoot your unique problems. For more common problems, we have provided a Frequently Asked Questions self-help section that is designed to answer 90% or more of the typical questions we receive from customers and dealers such as your self.

Support Tickets can be created a few different ways… You can click the “HELP” tab on the side of the website, and a pop-up box will display to accept your ticket request.

In addition, a new support ticket can be created by sending an email to, using the subject line of the email to create your Support Ticket title, and in the body of the email will become the message in the Support Ticket (aka Your Request).

For unique inquiries and difficult issues, please call Customer Support direct at 310-559-1700 if the answer to your issue is not available in the Frequently Asked Questions, and is un-answerable through the Support Ticket system.


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