What is Lava Heat Italia?

The Lava Heat Story

Young industrialist JR Zioni arrives at his home in Modena, Italy and begins his career in Italian fashion design. Mr. Zioni is wowed by the beauty, engineering, and craftsmanship of the world renowned handmade automobiles he discovers on his tour to Modena.

While sharing the experience with friends at a sidewalk cafe one chilly evening, Mr. Zioni is inspired to create his revolutionary new design for a Flame Tower Heater. Mr. Zioni recruits his staff of Italian designers and engineers in Modena and Lava Heat Italia is born.

The first pyramid style Flame Tower Patio Heater, the Lava 2G, is an overnight success in eateries all around Italy. While on his first USA visit, Mr. Zioni immediately sees the need for Lava Heat Italia products and sets about relocation to the Los Angeles area.

Demand for Lava Heat grows at the finest Restaurants, Hotels, and Resorts throughout the US and Canada. At the same time, guests of these establishments express demand for Lava Heat in their own homes. With demand outstripping supply, Mr. Zioni recruits factories around the globe to produce Lava Heat Italia's growing catalog of products. Lava Heat Italia is now recognized the world over as the premiere producer of the finest in Patio Heating and Cooling, and Outdoor Living Products.


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